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Romantic Picnic Ideas

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5 Romantic Picnic Ideas In Maine

May 23, 2017 by Roy Forsberg

You’ve been researching romantic getaways in Maine. Furthermore, you are looking for romantic picnic ideas. We can help. At the Wolf Cove Inn, we have five “off the beaten path” picnic spots that will kick up the romance with your special partner.
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Check out our five favorite picnic spots, ordered by distance from the Wolf Cove Inn, a Bed and Breakfast in Maine.

Our Top 5 Romantic Picnic Ideas

1) Lakeside Bench In Our Pine Grove

Romantic Picnic Ideas - Overlooking Tripp Lake At Wolf Cove Inn

Our Lakeside Pine Grove At Wolf Cove Inn Is A Great Romantic Picnic Idea

Nestled on the shores of Tripp Lake in Poland, Maine, the Wolf Cove Inn has a bunch of romantic picnic ideas around the property. Our lakeside lawn patios is one such spot, as is our Boathouse Bistro, open for picnicking when we aren’t serving our Ultimate Romance Dinner. However, a guest favorite is our rustic Adirondack bench for two right at the water’s edge. In any case, we’ll make up a picnic basket for you. Just tell us if you want it for lunch or dinner.

Any of these spots around the Inn are great romantic picnic settings. In fact, they’re not just been great for picnics. They have also been known to offer the perfect atmosphere to pop the question for many a starry eyed suitor.

2) At The Cave In The Heart of Poland Trail

Romantic Picnic Ideas - Cave Trail In Poland, Maine

The Base Of The Cave Formation Has A Babbling Brook Across The Way

One mile from the Wolf Cove Inn down Tripp Lake Road, you will find the trailhead for The Heart Of Poland trail system. At least two or three days a week you’ll find me hiking there with two of our dogs, Gabby and Ellie. There’s a nice, quiet spot on the Cave Trail that is a great romantic picnic idea. Nestle up by the base of the cave and listen to the water splashing in the babbling brook on the other side of the trail.

Learn more about the Heart Of Poland Trail.

3) A Scenic Overlook On Bri Mar Trail On Rattlesnake Mountain

Romantic Picnic Ideas

Overlooking Sebago Lake And The Presidential Mountain Range

First off, there are no rattlesnakes on Rattlesnake Mountain. That sure would be a romance buzz-kill.

Located only ten minutes from the Wolf Cove Inn, the Bri Mar Trail on Rattlesnake Mountain has several excellent romantic picnic spots. This is an awesome place for a picnic while on your Maine honeymoon. Hike about one mile and choose the ledges overlooking Crescent Lake. Or hike another ten minutes for the Sebago Lake Overlook ledge pictured above.

Learn more about hiking the Bri Mar Trail on Rattlesnake Mountain.

4) At The Summit Of Bradley Mountain

Romantic Picnic Ideas - Bradbury Summit

You Can See The Coast Of Maine From Bradbury Mt Summit – A Great Romantic Picnic Idea

If you don’t mind driving about 30 minutes, the summit at Bradbury Mountain State Park in Pownal, Maine is a great picnic spot. You can take the gradual ascent to the summit. Or if you are like me, you’ll opt for several of the steeper ascents (Sue probably wouldn’t be feeling the romance). That said, none of the trails are strenuous.

Learn more about Bradley Mountain.

5) At The Base Of Poplar Stream Falls

Romantic Picnic Ideas In Maine At Base Of Poplar Stream Falls.

Picnic At The Base Of Poplar Stream Falls In Carrabassett Valley, Maine

If you opt to take a picnic lunch on one of your scenic day trips in Maine, the base of a Maine waterfall is another one of those great romantic picnic ideas.

North of the Wolf Cove Inn in Carrabassett Valley is the popular, but quiet Poplar Stream trail that leads to two waterfalls in Maine. The lower falls are about a 45 minute hike that is mostly a nice walk along the stream through the woods. The base of the lower falls has plenty of nice spots to enjoy that picnic lunch. I’d recommend choosing the picnic backpack (see below) over the picnic basket for this spot.

Learn more about Poplar Stream Falls.

We’ll Even Make Up The Picnic Basket For You

Our picnic baskets are specially prepared by our expert chef AJ. You can choose a pretty wicker basket, or a backpack for a more adventurous lunch. AJ will pack it with the chef special sandwich, cheese, crackers, salad, fruit, dessert and sparkling lemonade. You can also add a bottle of wine or bubbly if you so choose. Then head on out for some romance and good times.

At the Wolf Cove Inn, a Maine B&B, we have romance covered up and down, left and right. Whether you are looking for romantic getaways in Maine, or perhaps planning your Maine honeymoon, you will surely have a wonderful experience here.

Are you active? And a foodie? And romantic? Then bingo, you are in luck! Our Active Foodies Romance Package includes a picnic basket one of the days. The package offers some nice savings. You’ll really get the most bang for your buck if you stay four nights at the Inn. Read more about this romance package here.

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Romantic Proposals In Maine on our dock.

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At one of the Maine Golf Courses, the golf pro asks his student “what do you do if you are in a lightning storm while on the golf course?” The student says “run for cover.” The pro says “no, you stand on the course and hold up a one iron because not even God can hit a one iron.” Badump bump!

Enjoy beautiful golf courses near our Maine bed and breakfast.

Personally I like to

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Recreation Around The Inn

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Recreation is an antidote for the high pressure of today’s hectic, 24×7, plugged-in world. It’s the balm that soothes the spirit. Spend time enjoying the outdoors with family, a loved one or alone with your own thoughts and you are refreshed and reinvigorated. And those great little happy pills called endorphins start to perform their magic on your sense of well-being.

At the Wolf Cove Inn, with its prime location in the Maine Central Lakes region, we have a bit of everything for the outdoor types to send you home with a smile on your face and feeling good about the world, all within 0 to 20 minutes of the Inn.

Recreation on Two Legs

There are oodles of recreation options for walking, hiking and running within a short distance of the Inn.  I haven’t explored everywhere around the Inn yet, but for what I have covered, here are some of the best.

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