owner and dog at the lake
Pet Friendly

Bring your dog to our pet friendly Maine Lodging

Our dogs are a special part of our family at the Wolf Cove Inn, so we understand that your pet is a special part of your family.  We offer the finest in Maine pet friendly lodging and while you are staying with us, your pet is a special guest of the Inn. To make your pet feel at home, we are happy to supply pet blankets, water bowls, trash bags, and treats.

The Maine Pet Friendly Lodging Pet Pledge

Make sure your four legged friend knows the pledge so that she or he may get the most out of our Maine pet friendly lodging:

  • I’ll make sure mommy and daddy let the Wolf Cove Inn know I’m coming in advance of their bringing me to this fun place. They tell me I can stay in one of three 2nd floor rooms that are friendly to me – Rangeley Lake, Moosehead Lake and the Winter Harbor suite for a fee of $30 a night.
  • I’ll make sure I register at check in. Mom and dad will need to provide a cell phone number (whatever that is) in case of emergency.
  • I am not allowed in interior common areas of the Inn, including the Maine Dining Room, and sitting room areas unless I’m a service dog.
  • For the safety and comfort of all guests, I can’t play in Tripp Lake in the presence of other guests. But if no one else is around, I can have fun there.
  • I must be with my owners at all times, and not left unattended in my room. I have to be taken with mom and dad whenever they leave the property, unless pet-sitting services have been arranged.
  • Those mean people in Poland passed a law that makes me wear a leash at all times when outside. Except for lake-frolicking and run-around-on-the-lawn time, I must be on a leash at all times when outside my room.
  • I need to make sure mom and dad pick up after me after I take care of my business, if you know what I mean. I’ll tell them there is a convenient trashcan located just inside the garage door.
  • The nice people at Bee’s Pet Boarding will take care of me if mom and dad need alone time. I’ll enjoy the short walk to Bee’s from the Inn. I’ll ask mom and dad to please make arrangements prior to arrival.
  • I’m a well-behaved dog, and I know well-behaved dogs don’t bark excessively, so I won’t do that or they might take away my treats.
  • What? I can’t get on the furniture or bedding! How rude.
  • As a pet, I know my mommy and daddy might have to part with some green and white paper from their wallet if I damage anything in the Wolf Cove Inn or leave a mess behind, so I’ll try to avoid doing that.
  • I’ll tell mom and dad to call the Inn with any questions I have regarding pet-friendly rooms and suites and their availability.