Our dogs are a special part of our family at the Wolf Cove Inn, so we understand that your dog is a special part of your family. We offer the finest in Maine pet friendly lodging for dogs and while you are staying with us, your dog is a special guest of the Inn. To make your dog feel at home, we are happy to supply pet blankets, water bowls, and poopy bags.

Maine Pet Friendly Lodging with Gabby and Ellie

Dogs Love Us

Wolf Cove Inn is a great place for the pooches. We know how much fun our dogs have around here, and we think yours will too! Not only do we offer dog accommodations and a dog-friendly breakfast deck off the dining hall, but your dog is free to run around and enjoy our great lawn and Tripp Lake just outside of the Inn. Additionally, there are three nice dog-friendly hiking and walking trail networks within ten minutes of the Inn, so your pooch can enjoy your trip as much as you!


Tired beagle sleeping on pillow

Dog Accommodations

We offer comfortable places for your dog to sleep in the Rangeley Lake Room, the Moosehead Lake Room, the Winter Harbor Suite and the Eagle’s Nest Cabin. Out of respect for our guests who are particularly sensitive to dog dander and hair, dog visits are limited to three rooms on the second floor and the cabin. Additionally, dogs are not allowed on the third floor of the Inn. Per Maine state restaurant regulations, dogs are not allowed in the dining room.

Some Minor Requests Of Dog Owners

  • We ask that you bring your dog with you when leaving the Inn for your various adventures. If this presents difficulty, we can very often arrange for dog sitting services.
  • While we prefer that dogs aren’t left alone in the room, we do look the other way if you wish to leave your well behaved dog alone during breakfast. However, puppies, being known as mischievous, must be brought with you.
  • Please keep your dog leashed while inside the building.
  • If other guests of the Inn appear uncomfortable with dogs running freely, we ask that you leash your dog on the property. Other than that, they are free to run around.
  • No more than two dogs, please!