3 Things To Know About Our Wonderful Maine Spa

At the Wolf Cove Inn, we believe guest well being is of paramount importance. From the moment you pull into our parking lot through your final departure, we strive to make your experience as wonderful as possible. In order to help improve your well being, we’ve invested in enhancing the spa experience at the inn. Here are three things to know about your Maine spa experience.

Please note that we no longer operate the stand-alone spa discussed in this post. Spa services are still available, in the select rooms cited below.


Summertime Spa Treatment

1) About The Tripp Lake Spa At Wolf Cove Inn

This winter, we created the Tripp Lake Spa on the second floor of the Wolf Cove Inn. Our goal was to provide a location that was comfortable and able to support a broad range treatments.

With the opening of our Maine spa, we now offer individual massages to all guests of the Wolf Cove Inn. In addition we offer foot treatments as well as aromatherapy.

Relax At Wolf Cove Inn Maine Spa

2) Let’s Meet Your Maine Spa Therapist

Your wonderful therapist is Heather Laliberte, BCTMB and professionally licensed. She is a Maine native with a passion for her work. Heather received her training from The New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts. The institute is the only COMTA accredited massage program in the state of Maine. Heather passed her National Massage Therapy Exam in 2013. In addition, she is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

We sat down with Heather and asked for her thoughts on a number of topics related to the therapy services we offer.

Wolf Cove Inn – You offer some really interesting and different Maine spa treatments. What were your thoughts in determining the services to offer?

Heather – When I selected these treatments, my goal was to enhance the guests overall inn experience. I wanted to compliment the special atmosphere, with equally special treatments you can’t find anywhere else.

Wolf Cove Inn – What role do you think massage therapy serves in a person’s overall health?

Heather – Even if a spa treatment is purely relaxation based, and is not considered therapeutic, it is in fact therapeutic. When a person really relaxes, positive hormone increase. In addition, blood pressure decreases and the immune system strengthens. So I say, why not enjoy yourself and reap all those benefits!

Wolf Cove Inn – What do you like about being a massage therapist?

Heather – I really enjoy helping people. I love the ongoing learning process, and having the ability to educate my clients. Making people very happy and relaxed is very rewarding.

Wolf Cove Inn – What should someone look for in choosing a massage therapist?

Heather – People should seek out highly qualified, professionally licensed and certified therapists. A therapist who makes them feel at ease, and someone they can effectively communicate with.

 Chocolate Facial Maine Spa Treatment

3) In Which Rooms Can I Get Spa Treatments?

Spa services are available in rooms of sufficient size to accommodate treatments. Those rooms include:

  • Eagle’s Nest Cabin
  • Sugarloaf Mountain Suite
  • Winter Harbor Suite
  • Acadia Suite
  • Mount Katahdin Suite
  • Moosehead Lake Room
  • The Bigelows Room

Due to space considerations, couples massages are only offered back to back.

To learn more about accommodations availability at the Wolf Cove Inn, push the button!


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