5 More Beautiful Waterfalls in Maine You Absolutely Must See

In my last post on Maine waterfalls, I expressed a love of waterfalls. The sounds of water crashing to the ground. The glisten and spray of water everywhere. Nature’s power carving pathways through the ancient granite. In that previous post on waterfalls in Maine I covered a northerly day trip to experience 6 waterfalls.  In this post you’ll discover a northwesterly day trip to explore another 5 Maine waterfalls, starting at the Wolf Cove Inn in Poland, Maine.


Explore Maine Waterfalls

Maine waterfalls have moods that change with the seasons. In springtime, the snowpack melts releasing huge volumes of water. Consequently, the waterfalls are usually raging from the run off. Summertime falls can be quite variable. The falls are often quieter but provide great opportunities to safely cool off in the watering holes at their bases. In autumn Mother Nature paints a beautiful canvas of color around the waterfalls with the turning foliage. Finally, dazzling crystal formations of frozen flows are the highlight in winter. No matter the season, a tour of Maine waterfalls should be on your “to do” list when you visit the Wolf Cove Inn.

The first tour described in a previous post took a northerly route, bringing you fairly close to the Canadian border. Rather than heading north this time, the second tour heads off to the northwest from the Wolf Cove Inn.

Maine Waterfalls, Northwesterly Tour

B – Snow Falls, West Paris

About twenty minutes from the Wolf Cove Inn, easily access Snow Falls right off of Route 26 in West Paris. A short walk from the parking area brings you to the falls. The Little Androscoggin River powers the four cascades of Snow Falls. No need to bring a towel since there is no swimming at the falls.

waterfalls in maine

C – Coos Canyon, Byron

For century upon century, the Swift River has etched and chipped away at the granite bedrock, creating Coos Canyon. Access to the canyon is from the parking area adjacent Route 17 on Byron. There are great photo ops, swimming holes, picnic areas along with a sub and gift shop at this great waterfall and canyon. For sure, bring a towel and go for a dip in any of the many swimming spots.

waterfalls in maine

D – Angel Falls, Ten Degree/Rangeley

A bit further up the road from Coos Canyon you will find Angel Falls. Drive another 30 minutes north of Coos Canyon to reach the trailhead leading to Angel Falls. Mountain Brook creates this 90 foot plunging waterfall. Leave the swimming trunks in the car for this one. No swimming allowed.

Angel Falls - one of the best Maine waterfalls

E – The Cataracts, Andover West

Head back down Route 17 through Byron into Andover and pick up the Upton Hill/East B Road and head west.  At 5.4 miles you will find a small 3-4 car parking area on the right side of the road just before crossing Fyre Brook. The trailhead leading to the falls is on the other side of the road adjacent to the bridge. Follow the trail along the brook for about 1/3 of a mile. At the end of the trail you will find the falls, and a picnic area.

The Cataracts waterfalls in Northwestern Maine

F – Screw Auger Falls, Grafton Notch State Park

Once back in your car, you’ll head off to the final stop on your Maine waterfalls tour – Screw Auger Falls. Continue on Upton Hill Road about 8 miles to the end in Upton and take a left onto Route 26 south. Once you enter Grafton Notch State Park, the falls are a short drive further on Route 26. Watch for a sign for the falls parking area on the right side of Route 26. Note the the State Park itself is quite beautiful. Don’t be in so much of a hurry that your don’t enjoy the scenery along the way.

These falls contain two 30 foot drops. The Bear River powers these beautiful falls. There is ample picnic space, but no swimming.

About a mile north of Screw Auger Falls you can visit Mother Walker Falls. And then another mile north you’ll find Moose Cave falls. Both are worthy stops while in that neck of the woods. More information on both those falls can be found here.

waterfalls in maine

After The Tour, Back To The Wolf Cove Inn

You’ve seen the last of the Maine waterfalls on this tour. It’s a little over an hour back to the Wolf Cove Inn from Screw Auger Falls traveling south on Route 26, then south on Route 11 for 1.25 miles.

Beautiful sunset on Tripp Lake at our Maine bed and breakfast

So now that you know about these great Maine waterfalls, be sure to book your romantic getaway in Maine at the Wolf Cove Inn. Right on Tripp Lake in Poland, Maine, we are an award winning lakefront Inn surrounded by the beauty and peace of mother nature. At the Wolf Cove Inn you’ll enjoy the gorgeous property, gracious hospitality, spectacular sunsets and our Maine comfort breakfasts. Grab pizza dinner at our Tripp Lake Pizzeria, then head out to the fire pit, and pick up from our gift shop a gourmet 1927 s’mores kit to enjoy the sunset.


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