9 Fun Activities around Tripp Lake that Will Enliven You

There are lots of fun Maine activities to enjoy on and around Tripp Lake this summer and fall. All are easily accessible from the 550 feet of private lakefront shoreline of the Wolf Cove Inn in Poland, Maine.

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Tripp Lake is a small lake in the heart of the Maine lakes region. It is part of the Little Androscoggin watershed. Tripp Lake covers 735 acres in surface area, is almost eight miles around its shoreline, and has a maximum depth of 35 feet. Tripp Lake is three miles long and nearly a mile wide. The lake is one of thousands of Maine lakes and ponds that remained after the glaciers receded at the end of the last ice age.

Tripp Lake is surrounded by Tiger and Megquier Hills and Meadow Brook wetland to its north and west, and Black Cap Mountain, Bragdon and White Oak Hill to the south and east. Tripp Lake is both beautifully situated and easily accessible from the Maine Turnpike, Portland, the Lewiston/Auburn area and New Hampshire.


Fun Maine Activities Around Tripp Lake

1) Boating On Tripp Lake

Lakeside Maine Activities

Tripp Lake is a pretty quiet place. There are no large power boats. Jet skis are not allowed. Mostly you’ll see pontoon boats puttering around in the evening. This makes Tripp Lake idyllic for kayaking, canoeing and rowing.

The Wolf Cove Inn provides complimentary access to two canoes, two kayaks and a rowboat right from their private dock. Fun Maine lake activities using the flotilla include:

  • Experiencing sunset or sunrise on the lake
  • Take a water tour by kayak or canoe around the small island at the southeastern end of the lake. “Squeeky” owns the island and asks guests of the Wolf Cove Inn to explore the island from the water only. In the spring through June you’ll likely catch sight of one of the lake’s three loons nesting on the island
  • Visiting a beaver dam. At the northern end of the lake, the Little Androscoggin River feeds into Tripp Lake. Head up the river a short distance and check out the beaver dam. Lucky guests of the Inn have even spotted a beaver
  • Or do like one long time guest of the Inn does – paddle to the middle of the lake and just chill for an hour or two, taking in the sights and sounds. I think his blood pressure dropped about twenty points.


2) Fishing On Tripp Lake

Fishing in Maine

Tripp Lake is home to a variety of warm water species of fish including chain pickerel, shiners, largemouth and smallmouth bass, smelt, sunfish, and white and yellow perch. Tripp Lake is also stocked with brown trout. The fish are quite abundant in the lake. Most anyone who drops a line in the water catches something. One day fishing licenses can be obtained at the Poland Town Office or the Walmart in Oxford. We encourage catch and release to keep the stock up and allow everyone to enjoy the great fishing.

3) Peaceful Walks Along Tripp Lake

Jordan Shore Drive, the entrance to which is adjacent to the Wolf Cove Inn, runs right along Tripp Lake for almost its entire 1.25 mile length. It’s a favorite spot for the locals to come and take a scenic, quiet walk. You’ll find lakefront overlooks, quaint summer camps, beautiful year-round homes, friendly neighbors and a variety of tail wagging companions along the way.

4) Sunrise and Sunset Gazing Over Tripp Lake

Relaxing Maine Activities

Sunrise and sunset on Tripp Lake are very often spectacular, breathtaking and full of romance. Wispy tendrils of fog hug the water creating ghostly scenes in the morning. Brilliant flames light the sky during sunset to the west. Take it all in from the comfort of the adirondack chairs at the Wolf Cove Inn, or venture out on a canoe with the love of you life to add a lot of romance.

5) Bird And Wildlife Watching On Tripp Lake

Birding in Maine

Tripp Lake is home to a wide variety of birds and wildlife. On any given day you might spot loons and chickadees, great blue heron, Canada geese, wood ducks, black ducks, snowy egrets, painted turtles, beaver, deer, bald eagles and great northern owls. Among the favorites are the resident loons and bald eagles.

Year after year, we look forward to seeing and hearing our three loons. Two are mated. The third lost its mate a number of years ago. A common myth is that loons mate for life. Alas it is not true. However our third loon still hauntingly calls for his former mate most evenings.

Most spectacular are the bald eagles. You can spot mature adults, juveniles, and even families of eagles flying majestically around the lake. There is a dead pine tree, struck by lightning many years ago, right beside the beach at the Wolf Cove Inn. Gaze upward to the bare top branches and you’ll often see an eagle perched. It is a favorite spot for the eagles, giving a wide, unobstructed view of the lake from where to hunt for their next meal.


6) Hiking, Running and Mountain Biking

Best hiking trails in Maine

There are many great hiking, running and mountain biking trails within a short walk or drive from the Wolf Cove Inn. The trails are lined with a large variety of trees and vegetation common to Maine. These include:

  • White pine, red maple, red spruce, beech and white oak among other tree varieties
  • Ferns, wildflowers and mushroom of many varieties

There are hikes to satisfy those looking for easy to moderate levels of activity. More difficult terrain is within a 30-60 minute drive. Most local areas are dog friendly. Leashes are recommended but most folks let Rover run with the wind through the forests. A range of options a short distance from the Wolf Cove Inn include:

  • Easy
  • Easy-moderate
    • The “Heart of Poland” trail network, a fifteen minute walk or two minute drive
  • Moderate
    • The Bri-Mar Trail on Rattlesnake Mountain (don’t worry, there aren’t any rattlesnakes). Dogs are no longer allowed on this trail



7) Ultimate Romance Dining

Romantic Maine Activities

Offered for elopement/wedding couples or honeymooners only, you’ve never had a romantic dinner quite like this. Since 2016, the Wolf Cove Inn has been offering a one of a kind and truly special experience. Now you can celebrate your love with the ultimate romance dinner right on Tripp Lake. Dine privately in our unique, rustic Boathouse Bistro overlooking the lake and dock. You’ll savor a leisurely multi-course dinner with wine pairing for each course, designed by our chef in consultation with you . You’ll enjoy fine cuisine watching the sunset, listening to the call of the loons, and savoring every moment.

8) Lakeside Massages

Spa getaways in Maine


If you are just looking to work the kinks out, nothing could be finer than a massage overlooking Tripp Lake. In select rooms, our therapists offer a variety of techniques including deep tissue, Swedish, pregnancy and more. Check out the enhancements on our specials page to find out more about our relaxing massage services.

9) Elopements & Intimate Weddings

Elopements in Maine

Wolf Cove Inn specializes in romantic getaways in Maine. Well, what could be more romantic than eloping in Maine. The Inn has a variety of elopement and intimate wedding packages that fit most budgets. An elopement at the Wolf Cove Inn is “one stop shopping.” Tell us the package you want and we take care of everything else including officiant, photography, flowers, cake and so on. You only need to do two things:

  • Get your marriage license from any town in the State of Maine
  • Show up

That’s it! You’ll be headed off to wedded bliss in no time, hassle-free. To make it even more hassle-free, after tying the knot, the Wolf Cove Inn is a great place to spend your Honeymoon in Maine.

Enjoy A Wonderful Vacation Or Romantic Getaway

So don’t wait! Come on by and have a wonderful vacation with lots of Maine activities to keep you busy (or not). Come build a great memory.