Your Guide To A Magical Maine Elopement

You’ve decided to marry your partner for life. You want a carefree, hassle-free event that will be unforgettable and perfect for the two of you. You see yourselves saying your vows in a picturesque setting, something simple, yet breathtaking. It sounds like you might be craving a magical Maine elopement. We are here to help! Here are your six simple steps to that picture-perfect elopement or intimate wedding.

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How To Elope In Maine

Your Lakeside Maine Elopement At Wolf Cove Inn

1 – Choose Your Location

When it comes to eloping, the world is your lobster (we are talking about Maine afterall). Your elopement can be as simple as a notary or judge’s office in a city or town hall, or you can take the ceremony outside with nature’s beautiful backdrop of lake views and sunset hues.

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Maine Elopement Packages at Wolf Cove Inn

2 – Arrange For An Officiant

Any of the following individuals may officiate marriages in Maine:

  • Ordained ministers. Many elopement venues provide this service, including the Wolf Cove Inn.
  • A person licensed to preach by an association of ministers, religious seminary or ecclesiastical body.
  • Justices or Judges (residents of Maine only).
  • Lawyers admitted to the Maine Bar (residents of Maine only).
  • Maine Notaries. Many town halls have notaries. Or you can search for Maine notaries.

Maine does not have Justices of the Peace. Out-of-state Notaries and Justices of the Peace cannot officiate weddings in Maine.

3 – Arrange For Your Witnesses

You will need two witnesses. The officiant does not count. They can be friends, family members or total strangers. Bring a couple guests, or make arrangements for your witnesses with the wedding venue.

Elope Under Our Handmade Birch Arbor At Wolf Cove Inn

4 – Obtain Your Marriage License

Whether this is a destination elopement or you’re a Maine local, you may obtain your license at any town hall in Maine. You will need the following to obtain your license:

  • Photo IDs such as a driver’s license.
  • Applicants over 18 years old may apply on their own. If under 18, you must have written parental consent. Under 16? In addition to parental consent, you also need the written consent of a judge.
  • If this is not the first marriage for one or both of you, bring a certified copy (raised seal) of the divorce or the death certificate of the last spouse.
  • No need for a blood test in Maine.
  • We recommend checking beforehand with the municipal clerk where you are filing to determine if there are unique municipality requirements.

We also recommend that you call ahead to the municipality you select to confirm hours of operation of the clerk’s office. Generally this is Monday-Friday, non-holidays, during normal business hours. A piece of advice: don’t just show up on Friday at 4:00. These things can take time and you don’t want to make your issuing clerk surly!

A few things to note:

  • Fees generally run around $40
  • There is no waiting period associated with obtaining or using your license
  • The license is valid for 90 days
Wolf Cove Inn Provides The Officiant For Your Maine Elopement

5 – Show Up And Get Married

Arrive at your venue at the appointed time, with your license in hand, and proceed to say “I do.”

A Winter Wonderland Maine Elopement

6- What About Flowers, Photography, a Wedding Cake?

Some elopement and intimate wedding venues can take care of all these touches for you. At the Wolf Cove Inn, we provide all these services so you can just enjoy your beautiful worry-free day.

If you choose something other than a one-stop elopement venue, you’ll be making the arrangements yourself. Here, Google is your friend, as are elopement and wedding specialty web sites.

That’s it. Now you know how to elope in Maine.

Maine Elopements and Intimate Weddings Are Simple At Wolf Cove Inn

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Sue, one of the owners of the Wolf Cove Inn, is also your officiant and wedding planner. She knows everything about executing your magical Maine elopement. She’ll take great care of you.


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