Shaker Villages In Maine Historic Site

Are you are a history buff? If so, a visit to Sabbathday Lake Shaker Villages in Maine should be on your to-do list while staying at Wolf Cove Inn, a bed and breakfast in Maine. Located about 10 minutes from the Inn, Shaker Village is home to the very last Shaker! This was once a vibrant religious community encompassing eighteen communities in the eastern US.


Shaker Village MuseumSabbathday Lake Shaker Village – A Brief History

Founded in 1783, the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Community, was one of two such communities in Maine. That year, a group of Shaker missionaries settled at a site known as Thompson’s Pond Plantation in New Gloucester, Maine. Within a year, the community grew to over 200 people. Eventually, the village expanded to 18 buildings on 1,800 acres of picturesque country highlands. Learn more about Sabbathday Lake Shaker Villages in Maine.

The Shakers were farmers, craftsmen, teachers, elders, handymen, and women. They grew and built what the needed. The Shakers sold any excess and used the proceeds to pay community debts. The Shaker Community owns all material property and real estate. When one joined the Shakers, their personal belongings became community property.

Shakers are celibate. The communities relied on converts, unwanted or orphaned children, and indenture to maintain community populations. Once children reached the age of 21, they were free to chose celibacy and remain in the community. Or not, in which case they then departed the community. Over time, this led to the dwindling of the Shakers.

Learn more about the Shakers here.

Shaker Villages In Maine FarmlandSabbathday Lake Shaker Village in Maine Today

Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village, today, exists primarily as a historic site. Volunteers operate a museum and gift shop. Departing from the museum/gift shop, tours of the site are available Monday through Saturday. Closed on Sunday, visitors are welcome to attend Sunday services with the community. The museum operates from the Friday of Memorial Day weekend until Columbus Day. The tour lasts about an hour and the tour guide does a great job! Please keep in mind that you may only take photographs in the gift shop and outdoors.

Please visit the Shaker Villages in Maine museum page for tour times and pricing information.

Sunset At Wolf Cove Inn On Tripp LakeYour Home While Visiting

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