Sebago Lake is one of the largest lakes in Maine and is the southern anchor to the Lakes Region of Maine. The room d├ęcor evokes images of your feet dangling in the lake from a quiet sandy beach chair. This corner room with windows on two sides overlooks the herb/perennial gardens, expansive lawn and has spectacular views of Tripp Lake, especially during sunrise and sunset. A queen bed will offer a place on which to rest your head for a good nights sleep.

  • Comfortable white bed in room with dark wood furnishings and painting
  • Relaxing white bed with wooden backboard under Sebago Lake sign
  • Seating area with two chairs in Sebago Lake room
  • Bathroom faucet and mirror in Sebago Lake Room
  • Comfortable white bed across from two plush sitting chairs and window


  • Queen bed
  • Second floor room
  • Corner room
  • Lake & garden views
  • Wingback chairs
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Private bath with shower