Best Places to Fish in Maine

When you’re looking for the best places to fish in Maine, consider the southern lakes district. Here, anglers find plenty of opportunities to fish for both warm water and cold water species. Most lakes and ponds benefit from annual stocking. In fact, the region is known as a great destination for year-round fishing.

Best Places to Fish Near Poland Maine

Located right in our backyard on Tripp Lake, we keep kayaks and canoes ready for you to get out on the lake for a fishing expedition when the spirit moves. You’ll find plenty of trout, bass, perch, and sunfish. Ice fishing in the winter is another great adventure!

Kayaker rowing on the lake in a red kayak behind Wolf Cove Inn

If you’d like to cast your line in multiple places, then check out these great fishing spots near us – you may want to try them all.

  • Range Ponds State Park in Poland, ME.
  • Pineland Public Reserved Land in New Gloucester, ME.
  • Sebago Lake State Park in Casco, ME.
  • Eagle Island State Historic Site in Harpswell, ME.
  • Androscoggin Riverlands in Turner, ME.
  • Mackworth Island in Pownal, ME
  • Crescent Beach State Park in Cape Elizabeth, ME


Fish Typically Found in Maine’s Lakes and Rivers

Once you determine what and how you want to fish, be it by fly rod or rod and reel, check out a few of these tips for ideas on how to hook a big one.

  • Brook Trout: Cold water, opportunistic feeders that feast on aquatic insects and smaller fish.
  • Splake: Hybrid trout that are easy to catch in cooler months.
  • Lake Trout: Known throughout Maine as Togue. They prefer deep, cold water.
  • Landlocked Salmon: Streamer flies and lures that resemble smelt are very effective for attracting these cold water fish.
  • Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout: Both of these fish are aggressive feeders that attack flashy lures, minnows, and worms.
  • Smallmouth Bass: With a preference for rocky shorelines and weedy edges, spinner lures are great at attracting these fish.
  • Largemouth Bass: A beat-up worm in shallow water attracts largemouth bass who prefer wounded prey.
  • Lake Whitefish: These fussy fish prefer jigging spoons.
  • Arctic Charr: Use a brightly colored lure to attract these fish. In spring and early summer, they foray into shallow water to feed on hatching insects.

Maine Fishing Guides

If you’re new to fishing, or you just want to up your chances of reeling in a keeper, consider hiring a Maine Fishing Guide. These trained and licensed guides can lead you to the best fishing grounds and provide gear and instruction for an outstanding day on the water. With more than 2,600 freshwater lakes and ponds, Maine is an angler’s dream.

Fish being pulled out of a hole in the ice

Ice Fishing in Maine

Spring, summer, and fall are perfect for fishing, but don’t feel you have to put away your gear when the lakes and ponds freeze over. Ice fishing enthusiasts will tell you that there is nothing like ice fishing on a cold winter’s day with family and friends. The season typically runs from January 1 through March 31, and you will need a license, which is easily obtained. Stop by the nearest convenience store or a local sporting goods store to get one. Dress warmly and pack your patience, or hire a guide to show you the tricks of the trade.

So, the next time you want to find the best places to fish in Maine, book your favorite room at the Wolf Cove Inn, grab your gear, and enjoy your nature’s getaway!


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