Where to Go Dog Sledding in Maine

If you’re wondering where to go dog sledding in Maine, we have the perfect place. Alex (the owner/guide) is a professional dog sledder. The guides are experienced. The dog sled team is well-loved. The tour packages are fun and thrilling! Once you embark on the Ultimate Dog Sledding Experience, you will be forever changed thanks to their incredible team of Husky sled dogs and the beautiful Maine winter landscape.

Is Sledding OK for the Dogs?

Knowing the truth about sled dogs is important. Running is in their blood – an instinctive behavior for this breed. For example, consider a few other breeds. Border Collies herd sheep. Retrievers retrieve. Portuguese Water Dogs swim. And huskies are no different. They are built for running and pulling, and they love it!

Some of Ultimate’s huskies are rescues and some are 8th generation sled dogs. Their athletic ability for running and their love for meeting people will touch your heart.

Team of dogs pulling a sled through the woods at sunset.

Maine Dog Sled Trips

No matter which Maine dog sled trip you choose, you will experience the excitement of dog sledding. Their sledding experiences range from one hour to all day. However, the Full-Day Intro to Dog Sledding Experience is a game changer as you learn to mush your own team and find forever friends in these amazing and spirited four-legged athletes.

One-Hour Dog Sledding Experience

Take a tour through the wilderness for one hour with an experienced guide.

Two-Hour Dog Sledding Experience

Your guide will take you on a tour through the wilderness, deep into the Maine woods, as the dogs pull the sleigh through winding and twisting trails.

Full-Day Intro to Dog Sledding Experience

Book this all-day adventure and learn to mush your own team! You’ll meet the dogs, learn their positions, harness the team, and hit the trails through snow-covered trails as you learn to use mushing commands to navigate these talented four-legged leaders. This option includes a delicious homemade lunch.

The Mountain Tour

Explore Maine’s majestic woods before climbing to the summit of Streaked Mountain. This 2,000 foot climb is not for the faint of heart, as you may have to hike alongside the sled.

Whichever dog sled tour you choose, when you arrive, you’ll have an opportunity to meet the dog sled team as well as your experienced guide. Each sled comfortably seats two guests, so couples will appreciate sharing this adventure with one another.

What to Wear Dog Sledding

Be sure to dress in layers, including wool socks and boots, hats and gloves, coats and scarves, as well as snow pants and sunglasses. While the sleds do have cozy blankets and a wind-proof zip-up bag to protect you from the elements, it’s still chilly!

Golden sunset over Tripp Lake and a firepit with Adirondack chairs behind Wolf Cove Inn

Where to Stay in Maine for Dog Sledding

The Ultimate Dog Sledding Experience is located only 20 minutes away from Wolf Cove Inn. Nestled along the shores of Tripp Lake, you can choose from one of our cozy guest rooms or our private cabin. After a delicious and hearty breakfast, you’ll be ready to head out for your dog sledding adventure.

Breakfast tray filled with a plate of French toast, muffin, coffee, orange juice and yogurt parfait.

Check out our Visitor’s Guide for more things to do in Maine in the wintertime, or any time of year. Don’t forget to return for Maine’s Maple Sugar Weekend in March! Book your Maine getaway at the Wolf Cove Inn in Poland, Maine.