The Sweetest Weekend of the Year: Maine Maple Sunday Weekend

Updated for 2024

Make your plans for the annual Maine Maple Sunday Weekend, traditionally held on the fourth weekend of March. When the sap starts to run in the sugar maple trees, typically in mid-March, sap buckets emerge throughout the state to collect the precious nectar. A sure sign of spring, sugar shacks spring to life to start the sugaring-off process.

Fun Facts About Maple Syrup

  • To produce just 1 gallon of syrup, about 40 gallons of sap need to be collected and sugared off in a labor-intensive process.
  • The average yield of sap per tree is up to 15 gallons annually. However, when conditions are favorable, trees can produce 40+ gallons.
  • Traditionally, communities would gather together to gather the sap and work together to make maple syrup. A favorite treat that’s enjoyed is “sugar-on-snow” (also called “leather aprons” or “leather britches”). Hot maple syrup is poured onto packed snow to create a taffy-like treat.
Wolf Cove Inn Baked Stuffed French Toast on Maine Maple Sunday

Real maple syrup is a luxury, to be sure, but one that true aficionados appreciate. It’s featured prominently at the breakfast table as part of our farm-to-table philosophy at the Wolf Cove Inn. Poured over pancakes, waffles, and French toast or used to flavor muffins, cookies, and bread, maple syrup is considered a staple here. All hail the valiant maple trees that steadfastly produce gallons of sap each year here in the forests of Maine.


For Maine Maple Sunday Weekend, sugar shacks around the state open doors for tours, tastings, and demonstrations of the sugaring-off process. Dozens of sugar shacks participate throughout the state. Here are just a few close to the Inn participating this year.


Maine Maple Sugar Shacks to Visit

Sweet Williams

66 Spiller Road, Casco (10 minutes south)

Firstly, we invite you to step inside for a “show and tell” of the syrup-making process and take a self-guided tour of their sugarbush. They offer free samples of pure maple syrup poured over vanilla ice cream, homemade fried dough bites and maple baked beans. Take home a jug of Maine maple syrup and some other classic maple treats: maple butter, cotton candy, lollipops, and popcorn. Grab a fresh maple doughnut while they last.

Balsam Ridge

140 Egypt Road, Raymond (15 minutes southeast)

Home of the Maine Maple Producers Association, this sugar shack produces limited edition infused syrups and 100% pure maple syrup. For this second stop, you can purchase their homemade bourbon maple BBQ sauce, maple mustard, maple smoked cheese, maple cream, and maple butter.

Ricker Hill Orchards

295 Buckfield Road, Turner (30 minutes north)

Ricker Hill offers farm and sugarbush tours at their 200-year-old farm, which is most famous for its 500+ acres of apples. Stop by the tasting room to try some maple syrup on snow. Additionally, you’ll want to stop by the retail market for cider maple and fresh maple donuts.

Maple Rush Sugar House

123 Webster Corner Road, Sabattus (35 minutes east)

This family-owned and operated sugar house opened in 2017. With over 800 sugar maple trees, they strive to produce the finest maple syrup in the region. Along with maple syrup, they offer maple candles and maple whoopie pies.

Blais Maple Syrup

44 Ledgeview Road, Greene (45 minutes northeast)

Finally, unique among other sugar shacks in the area, Blais is known for their jams and jellies made by Amish neighbors. Be sure to try their maple cream, taffy, and kettle corn. And the kids will love their maple cotton candy.

Two people twisting cooled maple syrup onto wooden sticks to eat as candy

A Sweet Stay at Wolf Cove Inn

Of course, we would love to host your stay when you come and celebrate Maine Maple Sunday Weekend! But you don’t have to wait for a special event to visit us. With our winter wonderland in full swing and the promise of a great spring, you’ll never lack fun things to do when you visit our romantic bed and breakfast in Maine.


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