Farmer’s Markets Near Poland Maine

The wealth of farmer’s markets near Poland, Maine is one of the great pleasures of living here. The abundance of fresh, local food makes serving our guests farm-fresh entrees at breakfast a real treat. Juicy berries for our fruit dishes. Just-laid eggs for our omelets and frittatas. Coffee from local roasters. It’s an innkeeper’s dream.


Four Farmer’s Markets Near Poland Maine

Browsing the stands at a farmer’s market evokes the very essence of summer. Ripe berries and melons. Plump red tomatoes and crisp lettuce. Crusty bread still warm from the oven. The sweet, yet pungent smell of fresh picked basil. With all your senses engaged, the abundance of fresh food you find at a farmer’s market is irresistible.

Lucky for you, shopping at our local farms and markets means you can bring the freshness home with you. Just pack a cooler and fill it with whatever your heart desires. Check out a few of our favorite spots to gather the goodness to take home.

Interior of a tasting room with barrels, bottles, and cans under a wood timbered ceilingRicker Hill Orchard

Ricker Hill Orchard in nearby Turner, Maine produces Maine’s most well-known hard cider. Visit their tasting room, just 30 minutes from us for a sampling of eight ciders on tap. Take a tour of the cider house to view the cider production process. Be sure to stop by the country store to being a little Maine home with you. A bit down the road from the store and tasting room, you’ll find their “U Pick” apple orchard and pumpkin patch. There are some greats views of the Maine countryside from there.

Wallingford’s Orchard

Wallingford’s Orchard in nearby Auburn, Maine, is both bakery and orchard. Go here for the juiciest fruit pies, berry turnovers, decadent whoopie pies, and scrumptious donuts. Made famous by their cider donuts, come fall the orchard offers pick-your-own apples and pumpkins. Be sure to stop by their new “Backyard” to visit with animals.

Fresh tomatoes, squash, broccoli, beets, and lettuce in produce standNezinscot Farm

A destination in itself, Nezinscot Farm in Turner, Maine specializes in organic meats and dairy, but so much more is on offer when you visit. In addition to organic produce, you’ll find jams and jellies, canned fruits and vegetables, pickles and relishes. Goat-milk soap, herbal remedies, and essential oils line the shelves. Their yarn and fiber shop is a fiberists dream. What began as an organic dairy has blossomed into a full-fledged gourmet food shop, café, and teahouse. After visiting Nezinscot Farm, you may be inspired to try your hand at weaving or spinning. Sign up for one of their weekend workshops to learn the basics of fiberist arts.

Goss Berry Farm sign surrounded by green grass and hanging baskets of flowers Goss Berry Farm

If you’re in the mood for berries, head for Goss Berry Farm in Mechanic Falls, Maine. You can pick your own in season, or purchase all-picked from the farm stand. Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and peaches are ripe and ready to add to your favorite recipes. Or check out their website for some delicious recipes for inspiration. Also, available in season, pick-your-own vegetables from their extensive gardens.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of great farms and markets to visit while you’re staying with us in Poland, Maine. In fact, if you love strawberries as much as we do here at the Wolf Cove Inn, here’s the lowdown of six authentic Maine strawberry farms.


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