8 Best Ways to Experience Spring in Poland Maine

It seems as if every day we wake up to a new sign that spring is approaching. First, we watch for the return of the loons to the lake. But, as the days lengthen and the snow melts, we welcome all the harbingers of spring we have come to know so well, from birds and buds to moose and mud. Here are the 8 best ways to experience spring in Poland, Maine, beginning with a stay at the Wolf Cove Inn.

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#1 – Stay at Wolf Cove Inn

Our cozy accommodations nestled in the trees overlooking Tripp Lake are the perfect place to experience the essence of spring in Western Maine. As you unpack your bags and settle into your guest room, you will immediately feel the tension begin to release with the sounds of nature awakening all around. The sun and moon reflecting on the lake, and the smell of pine and earth will take you back to a simpler time. Spring plays a starring role in our breakfast each morning as well with farm to table goodness thanks to our local growers and purveyors. After breakfast, you can head out to witness more signs of spring in the surrounding parks and towns.

#2 – Listen for the Loons

When spring finally settles on western Maine, we look forward to the return of our resident loons. From dawn to dusk they move us with their mystical call as they glide graciously across Tripp Lake. They are among the first harbingers of spring here at the Inn. Be sure to bring your binoculars and camera.

Muddy trail surrounded by tall pine trees

#3 – Play in the Mud

Spring can be fickle weather-wise here in Maine. Warm days followed by cold nights cause the sap to run in the sugar maples (a welcome turn of events for maple syrup lovers). But as the snow melts and spring showers pummel the landscape, mud becomes the inevitable result. But there’s a lot to be said for mud season. Check out these favorite mud season activities.

#4 – Explore the Waterfalls

As the rivers swell with snow melt, the roar of cascading waterfalls thunders throughout the region. An invigorating hike can lead to some truly spectacular flumes plunging down a mountainside. But not all waterfalls require a lengthy hike. Many are accessed by just a short walk along a river or stream. These 6 beautiful waterfalls are definitely worth seeing.

Moose in the water in early spring

#5 – Scope out the Moose

Spring also means mating season. So, if spotting a moose is on your bucket list, head for the woods of Maine for a chance to see one in the wild. For a guaranteed sighting, scope out the Maine Wildlife Park located just a short 20-minute drive from Wolf Cove Inn. More of a sanctuary than a zoo, this wildlife park caters to injured and orphaned animals that require special care.

#6 – Hike the Trails

We are surrounded by hiking trails in our neck of the woods, beginning steps from our property. But a hike to the summit of Bradbury Mountain is one of our favorite ways to welcome spring. Sweeping vistas at the peak of the mountain embrace both the coastline and verdant fields of southern Maine. Within the parameters of Bradbury Mountain State Park, located in nearby Pownal, avid adventurers will find ample opportunity to hike and mountain bike the 21 miles of interconnected trails.

Soaring eagle in a bright blue sky

#6 – Soar with the Eagles

Along with the loons, the bald eagles return to perch in the treetops in search of prey. These magnificent birds soar above the lake and often frequent the white pines that frame our beach. If you’re lucky enough to visit our state park between mid-March and mid-May, you’ll encounter the Raptor Research Project. During the annual Spring Hawkwatch, researchers track the migratory raptors in the region, including hawks, eagles, and vultures. Take a moment to stop and chat with the researchers and learn more about these avian wonders.

Soft fluffy blooms on a pussy willow tree

#7 – Roam the Garden

Gardeners are itching to get out and dig in the dirt. But since spring weather doesn’t always cooperate for early planting, it’s better to wait until all threats of frost are gone. In the meantime, look for signs of spring in the wild, like the soft, fluffy flowers of pussy willow trees, and little yellow Colsfoot flowers. The evergreen Mayflower announces spring with pale pink and white blossoms, as well as a variety of ferns. Mushrooms of all shapes and sizes also start appearing, especially after a good rain. To bone up on your gardening skills, attend one of the “Winter Lecture Series” at the McLaughlin Garden and Homestead. The gardens themselves open in early May. So, be sure to plan an afternoon or early evening visit and be sure to check out their extensive seasonal event calendar.

#8 – Explore the Heart of Poland

We are pleased to have been a part of bringing a new network of hiking trails to our home in Poland. Located just a short walk from our Inn, a series of 5 interconnected trails lead to a vernal pool, cave formations, an abandoned quarry and more. Coined The Heart of Poland Conservation Area, walking these easy to moderate treks are a pleasure in springtime when frogs and salamanders breed and snow melt fills the streams and ponds.


No matter what brings you to the Wolf Cove Inn at winter’s end, these 8 best ways to experience spring in Poland, Maine are sure to please. Join us as we welcome a new season. And remember, after “ice out,” you’re welcome to enjoy our complimentary canoes and kayaks for a leisurely paddle on Tripp Lake.


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