Off the Beaten Path in Western Maine

Sometimes you just have to get off the beaten path to have an authentic travel experience. That’s especially true in western Maine. Of course, the coast of Maine draws its share of visitors too. But when you’re done with lobsters and lighthouses it’s time to explore the inner regions of Maine’s vacationland. And that, my friends, is exactly why you need to plan a trip to Poland Maine and visit us at the Wolf Cove Inn.

Maine has its share of quirky landmarks. Stephen King’s mansion in Bangor Maine is a magnet for fans of the horror genre. The Desert of Maine in Freeport is something you wouldn’t expect to see in one of the greenest states in the country. Everyone wants to snap a shot of the “World Traveler” signpost in nearby South Oxford. And if you want to see the world’s largest globe you’ve got to travel to Yarmouth and take a gander at “Eartha”.

That being said, Maine is rife with unique road trips that appeal to all kinds of hobbyists. Like to drink beer? Yup, we’ve got a trail for you. Prefer wine? Got one for you too. Toting a spotting scope to catch the spring migration? There’s a map and an app for you here in Maine.

So, when wanderlust gets ahold of you, pack your bags and head to western Maine for an off-the-beaten-path adventure. The loons of lake are calling you. And the keepers of the Wolf Cove Inn are ready and willing to host you. We can help you in your quest to find anything from art to waterfalls here in vacationland.


Maine Art Museum Trail

Showcasing the works of artists working in all forms of media, the Maine Art Museum Trail offers something for every art lover along the route.

black and white bird in tree against blue skyMaine Birding Trail

Dotted with serene lakes and dense forest, Maine offers birders a wealth of diversity in which to spot our feathered friends. Hop on the Maine Birding Trail for birding adventure like no other.

Maine Breweries - Side By EachMaine Beer Trail

With more than 100 breweries scattered throughout the state, you’re sure to find one that suits your taste. Check out our top Maine brewery tours.

Maine Wine Trail

Sip, swirl and savor the terroir that produces that Maine wine producers so proudly offer.

Maine Waterfall Trail

A five hour circumnavigation of western Maine’s spectacular waterfalls is especially fun in spring when the falls rage with snowmelt.


A Moose In A PondWestern Maine Road Trip

Hop on Route 26 for a road trip through western Maine. Highlights of this route include Maine’s Wildlife Park where you can spot a moose and other native wildlife. The park is a refuge for injured or orphaned animals.


So if you’re ready to explore western Maine and get off-the-beaten-path for a unique adventure, it’s time to book a room at our Poland Maine bed and breakfast.

The Loons of the Lake are Calling You