Poland Maine Business Award for 2014

We are pleased to announce that Wolf Cove Inn is the winner of the 2014 Poland Business Award as presented by the Androscoggin Chamber of Commerce! Sue and I are honored and humbled to receive this recognition. The award was announced before a crowd of over 400 area business leaders at the Chamber banquet in January. Chip and the folks at the Chamber commissioned this video to announce the award.

Poland Business Award

Poland Business Award

Poland Food Bank

The criteria for the Poland Business Award are:

  • contributions to the local community,
  • expansion business employee base.

The contributions made were the result of the renovations to the Wolf Cove Inn in 2014. The theme of the Inn was changed, driving replacement of all guest room bedding and linens. The dining/living area on the first floor was rethemed as well, resulting in furniture that was no longer needed. A second floor TV room/common area was converted into a guest suite, leaving additional surplus furniture. Physical changes to the Inn produced excess track lighting and ceiling fans.

Nothing was wrong with most of what was no longer needed. Sue and I felt it would be a shame to dispose of all that good stuff. Rather than hauling it to the Poland transfer station, we reached out to the Poland Food Bank and the Androscoggin Habitat for Humanity. Both were happy to receive the donations. Those wonderful organizations were able to put everything to good use in the local community.

Once we reopened in May, we quickly became very busy. Busier than even our optimistic plans called for. This allowed us to not only add people to the team, but also provide more work to those who had been with the Inn in prior years. Sue and I consider ourselves very lucky have such a great team to work with. Thank you AJ, Gloria, Howie, Jacque, John, Marielle, Peter and Val!