Singepole Mountain Hiking

One of the most often asked questions by guests of the Wolf Cove Inn, a bed and breakfast in Maine is “Do you have any hiking recommendations?” The answer is yes, we have many great options one of these great options is Singepole Mountain hiking trails.

Hall Pond From Singepole Mountain

Hall Pond And The Oxford Hills

Singepole Mountain Hiking

The Singepole summit offers expansive views of the region in almost all directions. To the west, you’ll spot the White Mountains in New Hampshire. To the north, you’ll spot nearby rugged Streaked Mountain. East and south views offer up Hall Pond, the Oxford Hills and beyond. The abandoned quarry near the summit provides a place for a dunk for your four-legged friend. Choose from either moderate or advanced and challenging trails to take you to the summit.

Two routes take you to the Singepole summit. Moderate level hikers should start from the trailhead located off of Brett Hill Road in South Paris. Those looking for a challenge should head to the Hall Pond trailhead in Hebron. Both trails meet right around the quarry and continue on to the summit. Both trails come in at about three miles round trip. See directions to each trailhead at the end of this post, each one is about a 25-minute drive from the Inn.

Gabby And Ellie Checking Out Some "Antique" Autos

Gabby And Ellie Checking Out Some “Antique” Autos

Singepole Mountain From Brett Hill Trailhead

The Brett Hill trail follows an ATV/snowmobile trail to the summit, offering a moderate hike. From the roadside parking, proceed up the ATV marked, roped off trail for 1/4 mile where the trail turns to the left. Along the way, you’ll pass a spur with an abandoned RV. When you’ve made the turn, you’ll pass some abandoned VW vans and a red shed as you continue along the ATV trail.

From here, you hike for about a mile, following the ATV trail signs. Near the mile point, stay to the left, leading you to an old quarry. The hound(s) will enjoy a dip!

A Great Place For The Hounds To Take A Dip

A Great Place For The Hounds To Take A Dip

From the quarry, the trail emerges to an open granite trail. To the right, you meet up with the Hall Pond Trail. Stay left and follow the trail to the summit. In between, a side trail takes you to an open vista overlooking Hall Pond. A word of warning – the trails lack defined markings above the quarry. A keen eye to where folks have beaten a path will help. Making mental notes of landmarks along the way aides your return trip. Nothing scary, just a heads up.

While proceeding on the left trail to the summit, watch for a fork. A fallen log crosses the left fork (see photo below), marking the path to the summit. The right fork takes a route to Hall Pond. I’ve not explored that path so can’t provide advice.

Singepole Mountain Trail

Notice The Fallen Tree In Upper Left Quadrant – Head That Way For The Summit

Once you reach the summit, nice views of Streaked Mountain await. I’ll write about hiking Streaked Mountain sometime soon.

Streaked Mountain

The View Across To Streaked Mountain

Singepole Mountain From Hall Pond Trailhead

Park at the small parking area and pick up the Pond Loop Trail, an unsigned, unmarked but well-worn path along the north side of the pond. A half mile in, pass some old growth pine and a fire ring sporting nice views of the pond. A bit further on the red-blazed Singepole Trail departs the pond loop and begins ascending steeply. If you pass over some large stones by the water’s edge, you’ve missed the turn-off.

Slippery rocks, narrow ledges and a squeeze around an overhanging boulder characterize the Singepole Trail route. After a half mile, you attain the false summit (great views here) and then the old quarry. Follow the above directions to the summit.

I’ve yet to tackle this trail myself. However, descriptions range from “very challenging” to “family friendly” to “tough, but not that bad.” Not sure who to believe. That said, forewarned is forearmed for my trek in the future.

Sunset Over Tripp Lake

Enjoy Spectacular, Romantic Sunsets At Wolf Cove Inn

Plan Your Hike And Visit To Wolf Cove Inn

Located right on Tripp Lake in Poland Maine, the Wolf Cove Inn is a great base from which to explore all the hiking in the area, including Singepole Mountain. We specialize in romantic getaways in Maine. In addition to great area hiking, the Inn features complimentary canoes, kayaks, and a rowboat, along with a fire pit, s’mores, lakeside dining, beautiful sunsets and all kind of other romantic, fun activities. If winter in Maine is your cup of tea, we have some great romantic winter activities in Maine ideas as well.
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Sunrise On Tripp Lake

Commune With Nature At Sunrise On Tripp Lake

Trailhead Directions From Wolf Cove Inn

Brett Hill Trailhead: [Shared-use Trail] Proceed north ME-11 about 1 mile. Then turn left onto ME-26 and follow to South Paris for about 13.5 miles. Bear right where ME-26 and ME-117 fork as you pass the X-Vault Provisions & Pub restaurant, a Wolf Cove Inn favorite. Bear left onto ME-117 at the ME-117 and ME-119 split. Follow ME-117 for 2.1 miles then turn onto the east end of Brett Hill. At the point where Brett Hill Road makes a sharp right turn (about 0.4 miles from ME-117), do not turn, instead, proceed straight up Durrell Hill Road for a short ways until you reach a road intersecting from the left and a rope across Durrell Hill Road. Park well off the road. [Durrell Hill Road is rough and unpaved and may be unsuitable for cars with low clearance.]

Hall Pond Trailhead: [Foot-traffic Only]  Proceed north ME-11 about 1 mile. Then turn left onto ME-26 and follow to South Paris for about 13.5 miles. Bear right where ME-26 and ME-117 fork as you pass the X-Vault Provisions & Pub restaurant, a Wolf Cove Inn favorite. Bear right onto ME-119 at the ME-117 and ME-119 split. Follow ME-119 2.1 miles to Halls Pond Road. Continue for 0.6-miles and turn right to stay on Halls Pond Road. The small dirt parking lot is on the left just before the boat launch and pond.