The Truth about Fall Foliage in Maine

Fall Foliage in Maine

Flaming Reds Adorn The Mountains

Fall Foliage at Wolf Cove Inn

Brilliant Colors Paint The Countryside

I find myself dreaming of fall foliage in Maine. Flaming reds emblazoned on a breezy hillside. Brilliant orange splashes on a cobalt blue sky canvas. Radiant yellows catching, reflecting, the sun’s rays – warming you inside. The glorious contrast with the deep green of Maine’s famous pines.  Soon, I tell myself, very soon. It is my favorite time of the year to be here in Maine at the Wolf Cove Inn. Before you know it we’ll be dressing up the Inn with bunches of corn stalks, pumpkins, squashes and an array of mums. But it’s the brilliant foliage, the crisp fall air and the smell of autumn that has me excited.


Fall Foliage In Maine – I Get Goosebumps Thinking About It

Fall Foliage in Maine

Sunshine Splashed On A Cobalt Blue Sky

I know what you are thinking – “what the heck is he talking about? This week has been in the eighties, nineties (or more) and oppressively humid. How can he be thinking about fall foliage in Maine?” Well I like to think my imagination is providing some spiritual air conditioning, cooling the world around me.

So here is the truth. Photographers can take wonderful photographs of the spectacle of fall foliage in Maine. Painters can capture the spirit on canvas. Writers and poets can move you with their prose describing the experience. But there is nothing, I repeat nothing, like stepping into the multisensory awaking you feel with the amazing fall foliage in Maine.

It truly is a multisensory immersion. You breath in and smell the crisp night air, feel the warmth of the sun during the cool mornings, see the artistry of Mother Nature on display around you and hear the rustle and crunch of the fallen leaves on the ground. I honestly feel euphoric, a sense of well being, a giddiness, and even a sense of peace and communion with nature.

Fall Foliage in Maine

The Mirrors of Autumn

Reacreation around Wolf Cove Inn

Gems Aplenty During Wooded Walks

Foliage Season Timeline

Fall foliage in Maine doesn’t have a fixed schedule and game plan. Many factors contribute to when it starts, how long it lasts and the relative brilliance of the foliage. We New Englanders will tell you it depends on, let’s see, ummm, lack of rain, too much rain, wet spring, dry spring, hot summer, cool summer, cosmic rays, sun spot activity and the relative strength of the lobster season.


Fall Foliage in Maine

Foliage Second Season

Personally, I don’t think anyone really knows.  What I do know is the season starts sometime in early to mid-September (though, I kid you not, I saw some splashes of color while trail running on Friday), peaks around Columbus Day and then has a second season into early November where those reds, oranges and yellows transform into a palette of soft browns while the leaves lazily take their time coming to rest on the forest floor for the season. Even that long tail off into Thanksgiving is beautiful in its own way, different from its splashy older brother.

Experience Fall Foliage In Maine

Fall Foliage in Maine

Enjoy The Spectacle With Someone Special

Fall Foliage in Maine

Autumn Beauty

Here at the Wolf Cove Inn, you won’t find a more perfect spot to experience the fall foliage season. Located in the southwestern lakes region of Maine, we are your gateway to a large chunk of Northern New England fall foliage scenery. From here you can easily sample the season in the lakes region, the Maine mid-coast from Freeport (home of LL Bean) to Camden and beyond, the majestic western mountains of Maine from Sugarloaf to Sunday River, or even the White Mountains, the Kancamagus Highway and Presidential Range in nearby New Hampshire. Check my prior article on scenic drives around the Wolf Cove Inn.

Fall Foliage in Maine

Mother Nature’s Palette

We are happy to help you plan your journey. We can help with Maine foliage season activities, scenic day trips, and Poland Maine hiking adventures. And while you are at the Wolf Cove Inn you can count on luxurious accommodations, gracious hospitality and delicious Maine comfort breakfasts that will get your day started on the right foot.

Come join us for what is sure to be a grand show this fall in the Western Lakes region of Maine.


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