Maine Fall Foliage Season at the Wolf Cove Inn

Fall is in the air at the Wolf Cove Inn, a bed and breakfast in Maine.  The days are filled with glimmering sunshine and cobalt blue skies.  The nights are cool and brisk with the stars twinkling brightly.  The trees themselves are the stars with their beautiful foliage as they shine while preparing for winter hibernation.  Yes, most New Englanders will tell you that Fall is their favorite time of year.  Just stepping outside on a late September or October afternoon and inhaling deeply brings a sense of peace and euphoria.


There is so much going on during Maine fall foliage season in and around the Wolf Cove Inn on Tripp Lake in Poland, Maine.  Mother nature paints the maples, birches, oaks and elms with a palette of reds, yellows and flaming oranges as we progress through the change of seasons.  People from all over the country come to experience the beauty, peace and tranquility of Maine fall foliage season.  One can never predict the exact date foliage peaks (it is up to Mother Nature), but generally Maine Fall Foliage Season runs mid September through late October, give or take!

Bright fall foliage across the shore of Tripp Lake

Yes, Maine fall foliage at the Wolf Cove Inn is special.  With our breathtaking lakeside views you can enjoy foliage season right here.  We are also the ideal jumping off point to explore the beauty of Maine fall foliage season.  From here, head west/northwest to the majestic Western Mountains of Maine, northeast to Acadia National Park or Maine’s tallest peak – Mount Katahdin, east to the rocky coast of Maine or even head west to the North Conway region of New Hampshire to check out the White Mountains and the East’s tallest peak – Mount Washington.  All are an easy, lazy drive from the Wolf Cove Inn.

More To Do During Maine Fall Foliage Season

Even if you are not here for Maine Fall Foliage, we have some other special events taking place in the area.  Late September the Dempsey Challenge Cycling for Cancer arcs around Tripp Lake.  On Columbus Day weekend we have the parents of Bates College students visiting in nearby Lewiston.   Close by in Hebron we have the Hebron Academy Homecoming/Reunion weekend in mid to late October.  And of course if you are in Maine Lakes Region or Lewiston/Auburn area for a wedding, there is no more beautiful and relaxing place to stay than here at the Wolf Cove Inn.

Fire Pit at sunset at Wolf Cove Inn

Or Just Chill Out At Wolf Cove Inn

Maybe you just need a mid-week getaway to decompress and rekindle the energy by yourself or with someone special.  With beautiful Tripp Lake right on your doorstep you can just chill out at the lake while taking advantage of our specials during Maine fall foliage season for your romantic getaways in Maine.  The sunsets are gorgeous, the loons are singing and nature’s beauty is abundant at the Wolf Cove Inn.  So grab a lakeside chair and read that book, or hop in a canoe or kayak for a leisurely tour of Tripp Lake.  Then in the evening enjoy complimentary s’mores by the fire pit and relax with a spectacular sunset. Choices abound!


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