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Wolf Cove Inn

New Ownership of the Wolf Cove Inn

January 2nd, 2014 by Roy Forsberg

A big “Hello World” to all past and future guests of this wonderful Inn.  My name is Roy Forsberg.  My wife Suzanne (she mostly goes by Sue or Suzie) and I became the new owners of the Wolf Cove Inn on December 18th, 2013.  We are thrilled to be your new hosts for your future relaxing stays at the Wolf Cove Inn!

New Ownership – New Wolf Cove Inn Plans

We have exciting plans to improve your enjoyment, relaxation and decompression while at the Wolf Cove Inn.  We are in the process of modernizing the interior common areas and select suites/rooms, creating private, in-room baths for rooms that don’t have them now, and adding new amenities for your visiting pleasure.  Stay tuned for more details of improvements to the Wolf Cove Inn.  We are also in the process of creating a new and improved Wolf Cove Inn web site that will launch in the spring.

While we finalize the improvement details and update our reservation systems we will take new bookings via email at  In the meantime, you may contact me directly about any changes at the Inn at  Further, if you have any questions about what is going on at the Wolf Cove Inn, please feel free to contact me at that same email address.

During the improvement period, the Wolf Cove Inn will be closed.  We will have a grand reopening of the Wolf Cove Inn at the beginning of May, 2014.  I hope you will join us to see what’s new!


Sue and Roy Forsberg, new owners of the Wolf Cove Inn

(and our dogs, Bruschi, a pug, and Gabby, a black English Lab)

18 thoughts on “New Ownership of the Wolf Cove Inn

  1. Karen Connelly

    Congratulations again to you both! So excited for you, can’t wait to book a trip to visit. You are now living my dream…

  2. Patti Mangini

    Hello Roy and Sue,
    Congrats to you. We have a summer home on the lake and walk by the inn daily! See you in the spring! Patti and Jack

    1. royforsberg

      Hey Patti, thanks for reaching out. We look forward to meeting new friends! See you when it warms up.

  3. Betsy Rouleau

    Dear Roy and Sue,
    The Inn is in wonderful hands. Looking forward to seeing the transformation!

  4. Susan

    One of our favorite spots to visit – looking forward to staying with you when you re-open. Do hope you are not taking out the original pine paneling in the dining room – it used to be Lobster Land Restaurant in the 1960’s!

    1. royforsberg

      Hi Susan,

      The pine paneling is staying! I knew back in the day there was a restaurant on site, but didn’t have the details you provided. Thank you!


      1. Susan

        Hi Roy – Congratulations on your purchase – looking forward to vising once you re-open. I was a very young child when Lobster Land operated, my Mom however recalls dining there with her parents and distinctly recalls the pine paneling (which of course we have enjoyed years later while staying many times at Wolf Cove). My family all summered on Sebago Lake back in those days. Take a look at this link from the Lewiston Journal in 1965 – it has the Lobster Land Dining Ad.,7452

        1. royforsberg

          Susan, more great info from you! Thank you! I posted the link to the ad on our FaceBook page. I’ll let you know when we are done with the remodel and maybe you can come by for a trip down memory lane.

  5. Susan

    Sounds like fun – we usually stay at Wolf Cove in the winter – but not this year 🙁 – but maybe a visit when you open in May?! My parents have a summer house on Thompson Lake in Poland just around the corner from you, so we are very close by. You have a wonderful spot there and I LOVE the new logo. It really epitomizes the tranquility of a lakeside retreat in Maine!

  6. Mary Ann Brissette

    Congratulations ! Can’t wait to see what you do ! I have always loved the location and charm, updates will be wonderful! Much success!

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