Coffee – Wake Up and Smell That Coffee!

Coffee! For so many people it’s one of the most important parts of the day. The aroma. The depth of flavor. The gentle “pick me up”. Mmmmm, ahhhhh! At the Wolf Cove Inn we take coffee seriously. Poured in our own custom, hand-made mugs from Deneen Pottery you will start your day on the right foot with a great cup of java Joe.

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Coffee! The Story Behind The Story

When Sue and I became the owners of the Wolf Cove Inn, we had many changes brewing in our minds. One such change was the coffee. When we purchased the Inn, Green Mountain coffee was offered. Green Mountain makes wonderful coffee, but really, how can a Maine Inn that embraces everything Maine serve coffee that comes from Vermont? Not happening! What to serve was an easy choice.

As Sugarloafers we spent many a breakfast and lunch at the Orange Cat Cafe (you must try their Breakfast Burrito and their Jalapeno Chicken Salad Wrap) located in Kingfield, just down the road from the Sugarloaf Ski Resort in Carrabassett Valley. There we discovered Carrabassett Coffee Company products. Roasted right across the street from the Orange Cat, we think it is some of the best java around.

Carrabassett Coffee Company


Carrabassett Coffee Company

A local, small batch specialty coffee producer, roasting only the highest grade beans, Carrabassett Coffee offers the finest “single source” coffees available. Tom Hildreth and Steve Skaling, both of whom worked at the Sugarloaf/USA ski resort at the time, founded the company in 1997.  That January, in a rented garage, Tom and Steve roasted their first batch of beans in a popcorn popper. Actually, over-roasted would be the right term – the smoke was so bad that a friend driving by thought his car was on fire.

Since that time they’ve pretty much perfected their craft. Over the years the business percolated to become the coffee of choice for many of the finest Inns and Bed & Breakfasts in Maine.  Now 16 years into it they filled that garage to the rim and decided they needed a bigger mug.  In January they moved to a brand new 7,000 square foot facility just south of the center of Kingfield.

Read more about Tom and his passion in a recent article on Mainebiz.biz. Even better, if you are in the neighborhood, stop by and meet Tom and the gang. And be sure to take a deep breath – it sure smells great in there!

The Blends of Choice at The Wolf Cove Inn

Over the course of our first year we brewed many different single bean and blended roasts of both the regular and decaf variety. All were terrific but two blends consistently generated the most outstanding comments – Bad Dog for the regular coffee and Backdraft Espresso for the decaf.

The Bad Dog blend is an inland blend of medium roast Africa & Americas beans with a charge of espresso. The Backdraft decaf blend is a very dark roast blend of Sumatra, Guatemala and Colombia decaf beans. Exquisite!  We also brewed, to high acclaim, many other offerings from Tom and his roasting crew, including Acadia, Skyline and Sunrise blends along with single bean roasts from Kenya, Tanzania and Sumatra.

You can order any of these great coffees from Carrabassett Coffee Company and Tom will gladly ship it to your home.  Better yet, come enjoy a freshly brewed mug with Sue and I some morning at the Wolf Cove Inn.

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