5 Fun Activities For Your Maine New Year’s Eve Weekend

This is an older blog post. Please be advised that items 3 and 4 in this list were only offered in 2017 and 2018. While we don’t have our plans in place yet for 2022 New Year’s Eve, we anticipate a version of the guest and staff mixer will be in the plans.

Still trying to figure out what you are doing to ring in the 2018 New Year? Here at the Wolf Cove Inn, we hope to help you decide. We have five fun things going on for your Maine New Year’s Eve weekend.


Celebrate the New Year in Maine At Wolf Cove Inn

Here are five fun things about New Year’s weekend at Wolf Cove Inn.

Romantic Maine getaways

1 – Romantic Getaways In Maine

Want to visit a top romantic getaways in Maine destination for the New Year? A new romantic lakeside cabin. Spacious suites with spa tubs and fireplaces. Our relaxing living room with warming fireplace. And best of all, gorgeous winter sunsets over Tripp Lake. Yes, the Wolf Cove Inn offers plenty of romance to ring in the new year. Plus we have fun plans in store for New Year’s Eve. We’ll be stoking up the kitchen, setting up for fun. Read on for details.

Group enjoying New Year's Eve

2 – Guest And Staff Mixer

We’ll start off our Maine New Year’s Eve off with a mixer. At 6:30, enjoy a champagne and appetizer mixer. Mingle with fellow guests and staff. Make some new life long friends. Our staff will prepare Bruschetta, Shrimp Cocktail, Chipotle Meatballs and a Triple-C platter of Cheese, Crackers and Crudité.

Maine New Year's Eve Celebration

3 – The Funnest Food Bars Ever!

Following the mixer, it’s time to hit the bars! We give new meaning to bar hopping on this evening. Mingle and meet with our Mashtini bar, Mactini bar and Skewer bar for your social dining pleasure.

What the heck is a “Mashtini” and a “Mactini” you say? Our kitchen staff is whipping up some awesome mashed potatoes and homemade Mac N’ Cheese. Grab a martini glass or two and load ’em up with mashed potatoes and mac n’ cheese. Get it? Mac n cheese in a martini glass – Mactini! Then top it off with all kinds of goodies like bacon bits, chives, sour cream, toasted panko bread crumbs, diced jalapeno and more.

The Skewer bar will feature Chicken Satay, Beef Teriyaki and Zucchini-Mushroom skewers.

Finally comes the Dessert Bar. Enjoy homemade mini-cheese cakes with all kinds of toppings, from scratch brownies and our own Whoopie pies!

Or course we’ll have a legit bar set up as well. Wine and beer will be offered on a cash basis.

The dinner portion of the evening carries an additional charge of $49/person. Advance notice requested.

Maine bed and breakfast

4 – Signature Breakfast With Mimosas

Ring in New Year day with our signature Maine comfort breakfast. We’ll prepare our favorite sweet and savory dishes. Furthermore, Sue will prepare her famous fruit course. And you’ll enjoy AJ and Val’s homemade baked goods. We’ll be serving complimentary Mimosas at breakfast.

Snowball fight between a couple

5 – Enjoy Your Time Around The Inn

Wintertime is a wonderful season at the Wolf Cove Inn. Provided Mother Nature does her job (think snow), there are tons of things to do around here, including sleigh rides, winter horseback riding, cross-country skiing, dog sledding and more. You can also visit the largest flea markets in Maine. You’ll find great antiques there too. So don’t wait! Book your special, romantic and fun New Year’s weekend now.


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