New Ownership of the Wolf Cove Inn

Dateline January 2, 2014

A big “Hello World” to all past and future guests of this wonderful Inn.  My name is Roy Forsberg.  My wife Suzanne (she mostly goes by Sue or Suzie) and I became the new owners of the Wolf Cove Inn on December 18th, 2013.  We are thrilled to be your new hosts for your future relaxing stays at the Wolf Cove Inn!

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New Ownership – New Wolf Cove Inn Plans

We have exciting plans to improve your enjoyment, relaxation and decompression while at the Wolf Cove Inn.  We are in the process of modernizing the interior common areas and select suites/rooms, creating private, in-room baths for rooms that don’t have them now, and adding new amenities for your visiting pleasure.  Stay tuned for more details of improvements to the Wolf Cove Inn.  We are also in the process of creating a new and improved Wolf Cove Inn web site that will launch in the spring.

While we finalize the improvement details and update our reservation systems we will take new bookings via email at info@wolfcoveinn.com.  In the meantime, you may contact me directly about any changes at the Inn at roy@wolfcoveinn.com.  Further, if you have any questions about what is going on at the Wolf Cove Inn, please feel free to contact me at that same email address.

During the improvement period, the Wolf Cove Inn will be closed.  We will have a grand reopening of the Wolf Cove Inn at the beginning of May, 2014.  I hope you will join us to see what’s new!


Sue and Roy Forsberg, new owners of the Wolf Cove Inn

(and our dogs, Bruschi, a pug, and Gabby, a black English Lab)
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