Peace of Mind Guaranteed for Your Dream Getaway

Most everyone wants peace of mind when they book their dream getaway. Here at the Wolf Cove Inn we know there is a way to ensure you have that peace of mind. It’s by choosing a Select Registry member B&B, Inn or Hotel. Select Registry is a world renowned collection of exceptional accommodations for travelers to explore, experience and rest their weary head for the night.

Peace of Mind and Exceptional Quality- The Select Registry Way

Peace of MindAt the Wolf Cove Inn, we don’t like to worry. We especially don’t like to worry about our travel accommodations. And we don’t want travelers who have chosen us to worry either. We want peace of mind, an assurance of quality, outstanding hospitality and an amazing experience. That’s where Select Registry comes in. Select Registry members must pass a rigorous, secretly performed 200 point quality assurance inspection for admission. And it is not enough to pass once. Every few years members are re-inspected. This ensures travelers are provided with guaranteed quality, exceptional service, and an unforgettable lodging experience.

Finding a Select Registry Member

Select Registry provides a number of tools to help you find truly distinguished accommodations:

  • The Select Registry guidebook. Since its founding, the guidebook has been the bedrock for matching travelers to member B&Bs, Inns and Hotels. With the current issue (it is produced annually) a revised approach was taken. You will now enjoy an inspiration packed publication, emphasizing visual elements. Reflecting the organization’s passion for a “greener” world, three versions are now available:
    1. The traditional soft cover glovebox guidebook. Over the years, Select Registry guests have coveted their own personal guidebook. Often dog eared and coffee stained, they are a prized possession. For property members electing this version, travelers may take the guidebook on departure.
    2. The new hardcover “green” guidebook. You will find this in guest rooms and other locations on the member properties that elected this format. The hardcover version is intended to be enjoyed on site. This option significantly cuts down on printing and distribution, saving trees and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in production and delivery. But even after you’ve left you still want inspiration and peace of mind so there is …
    3. The online version of the guide. This is a beautiful e-version of the hardcopy publication. Now when you just can’t plod through the 100s of emails in your inbox or you need a break from that deadline, grab a cup of coffee and start dreaming online. What!? Did I just ask you to take a break at work? Shhh – I won’t tell anyone.
  • The Select Registry web site. The web site is jam packed with inspiration and information about member properties. You will also find specials, gift cards and the Select Registry Loyalty Rewards Program.
  • ios and Android apps! Sitting through a flight delay? Traveling across the country? Stuck in the dentist office waiting room? Now you can be inspired even without the guidebook or Internet access. Fire up the app and dream away! The iPhone and Android apps will bring a smile and glow while you dream of your next vacation. The apps are available on the Apple Apps Store, or get it on Google Play. Your phone or tablet provide that peace of mind.


Wolf Cove Inn is a Select Registry Member

living room with views

Breakfast With A View!

This past winter, Wolf Cove Inn passed inspection on Valentine’s weekend. In March we were admitted to Select Registry. If your dream getaway is lakeside romance, a beautiful family vacation, or a crossroads to explore virtually all of Maine and eastern New Hampshire, the Wolf Cove Inn is happy to be your host. Please come on in! And if you are really green and drive a Tesla or other electric vehicle, we can put a charge in your day. And we are dog friendly.

With all these great resources from Select Registry you can now have peace of mind with your lodging choice. And with fall foliage season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to visit the Wolf Cove Inn.