6 Best Things to Do in Maine | In Nature

Are you ready to take a road trip to Maine to discover its natural beauty? Feel it in the fresh air and open spaces. Smell it in the pine forests. Hear it in gushing waterfalls. See it from mountain tops and taste it at local farm stands and farmers markets. Here are the 6 best things to do in Maine while in nature.

The natural beauty of Maine reveals itself in tall pine groves and crystal-clear lakes and ponds. The woods are deep and the rivers wild. Our Wolf Cove Inn bed and breakfast in Poland Maine, perched on Tripp Lake in the heart of Maine’s lakes district, exudes a sense of peaceful co-existence with nature. Surrounded by forests, the lake serves as the central focus of activity for water sports and wildlife.

Taking that natural beauty inside, we aim for an authentic Maine vibe, with rustic, woodsy decor and a relaxed organic feeling. If you love nature, like we do, you’ll find that our area offers much in the way of outdoor adventure that reads genuine and untouched. Let us introduce you to the wild and wonderful natural beauty of Maine.

Boathouse overlooking Tripp Lake in the Summer

1. Around Tripp Lake

Let’s start right here at Tripp Lake. With 550 feet of lake shoreline right outside our door, you could easily spend your day boating with our complimentary canoes and kayaks. Listen for the call of the loons and keep an eye out for bald eagles. Bring your fishing rod and spend some time angling for a small-mouth bass. Or just sit and enjoy the spectacular sunsets that bless our evenings on the lake.

Fun Activities Around Tripp Lake

Forest of trees

2. Take a Walk in the Woods

From easy to moderate, challenging and exhilarating, the opportunities to stretch your legs and breathe fresh mountain air in western Maine are endless. Choose your hiking destination based on distance or scenery. The choice is yours. A walk in the woods can clear your mind and restore your soul. So, heed the words of John Muir, “Of all the paths you take in life, be sure a few of them are dirt.”

9 Easy to Moderate hikes Near Poland Maine

Sparkling waterfall cascading down a hill

3. Trek to Gushing Waterfalls

When the snow melts in spring, waterfalls rage with runoff. Some of the most stunning vertical drops hide among the wooded forests of Maine, some an easy walk from the parking lot, others a more challenging trek to a heart-stopping multi-sensory experience. In summer, those waterfalls offer a chance to cool off in the pools that collect at the base of the falls. And in fall, the brilliant shades of foliage add an extra incentive to take a waterfall hike.

6 Beautiful Maine Waterfalls

Peaceful Maine Covered Bridges and Waterfalls

Covered bridge spanning water surrounded by trees

4. Discover Our Covered Bridges

A leisurely drive through the winding back roads and scenic countryside of western Maine leads to 3 wondrous covered bridges. Buckle your seat belt and head for the hills to experience these magnificent structures. Along the way, you’ll pass through quaint towns and villages with intriguing names like Standish and Cornish.

3 Authentic Covered Bridges

Trail through the woods in maine

5. Off-Road Bike Trails

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, bring your mountain bike for an active adventure cycling through woods, along babbling brooks, and granite outcroppings. All well-maintained, things can get a little tricky during mud season in spring. But overall, an off-road bike ride offers an opportunity to explore the diverse nature of Maine’s ecological environment.

Off-Road Biking Trails

Pond and fountain at Coastal Botanical Gardens in Maine

6. Stop and Smell the Flowers

A trip to Maine for nature lovers would not be complete without a chance to visit the glorious gardens that thrive here. Formal gardens and wildflowers, ageing stone walls, and butterfly gardens delight the visitors that amble the nearby grounds of the Mclaughlin Garden and Homestead. But a little further afield, the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens offer a diverse collection of specialty gardens carved out of a natural coastal landscape.

Beauty of the McLaughlin Garden and Homestead

Day Trip to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens


These 6 things to do in Maine while in nature are sure to please. So, when you’re ready to pack and up and head our way, be sure to make the Wolf Cove Inn your home base. We’ve hiked and biked and kayaked our way around this beautiful part of the state and truly believe that it rivals the coast in spectacular scenery and infinite splendor. Spring, summer, fall or winter, Maine shines in every season.



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