Enjoy These Video Highlights Of Authentic Poland Maine

So you are going to visit us at the Wolf Cove Inn, a bed and breakfast in Poland, Maine? Let’s help you get to know us here in our beautiful corner of the western lakes region of Maine.


The Town of Poland put together a video with some highlights of the area. Afterward, we have some “fun facts” to share about Poland.

How To Enjoy The Poland Maine Area

You’re in town for a romantic getaway in Maine. You have the above video helping you get to know Poland. Additional ideas to round out your stay include:


Wolf Cove Inn when it was  "Lobster ~ Land On The Lake" in Poland Maine

Wolf Cove Inn Was Once “Lobster ~ Land On The Lake”

Fun Facts About Poland – The Old Days

  • Settled in 1767 by Nathaniel Bailey and Daniel Lane, as Bakerstown Plantation
  • Incorporated as Poland in 1795
  • The Shakers arrived in 1819 and settled Poland Hill. A flourishing village existed until 1887. Now almost gone, a few Shakers still reside in several remaining buildings.
  • In the 1840s, Hiram Riker claimed the spring water flowing from Ricker Hill cured dyspepsia. The crowds began to arrive for the cure. Crowd demand led to the founding of Poland Spring in 1845.
  • In 1876, the Poland Spring House opened atop Ricker Hill. After several upgrades it became a destination for the rich and famous during the Gilded Age of Hotels. Notable visitors included Joan Crawford, Jimmy Durante, Jack Parr and Robert Goulet. However, a spectacular fire destroyed the building in 1975.

More Recently in Poland Maine …

  • In 1963, Poland hosted the filming of two episodes of the popular TV show “Route 66“. The site of the Wolf Cove Inn hosted one episode right in the dining room! The Inn operated as a restaurant called “Lobster ~ Land On The Lake” at the time. Joan Crawford, Lon Chaney Jr, Tom Bosley and Patrick O’Neil were guest stars in those episodes. Watch “Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are” and “Same Picture, Different Frame” to see Poland and the Inn “back in the day.”
  • In 1978, a P-3 Orion surveillance aircraft from Brunswick disintegrated over Poland. Debris rained down on Tripp corner, right at the intersection of routes 26 and 11, a mile north of Wolf Cove Inn. The crew of the Orion perished in the incident. However, the locals fared better, with only a few popped windows resulting from the explosion of the fuel tank on impact.
  • Today, bottling of the famous Poland Spring water takes place at a plant on the northeast side of town.


Wolf Cove Inn – Your Poland, Maine Home Base

At the Wolf Cove Inn, enjoy a peaceful, romantic getaway in Maine. At our Maine bed and breakfast we offer gracious hospitality, Maine comfort breakfasts such as Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with our world famous Hash Brown Casserole, and lots to do and see. Get out on the lake with our complimentary canoes and kayaks. Recharge your Telsa or other electric vehicle. Enjoy spectacular sunsets. Or warm yourself by the fire with a fresh cup of our wonderful coffee. Whatever you choose, romance is in the air.







Drone view Sunset On Tripp Lake in Poland Maine