A Guide To 12 Months Of Awesome Weather in Maine

When folks call the Wolf Cove Inn to book their romantic getaway in Maine, what do you think they ask about? Well, quite often they inquire about the weather they should expect when they are here. So we’ve done our homework and put together a little guide about the weather in Maine to help you out!


12 Months Of Weather in Maine

Disclaimer: Odds are Mother Nature doesn’t read my blog posts. As such, she pays no attention to this guide. She does what she wants, whenever she wants. And, I’m not a weather forecaster. Consider yourself warned!

That said, Poland, Maine averages 48 inches of rainfall per year and 76 inches of snowfall per winter. Maine weather at Wolf Cove Inn varies widely with the seasons. As such, it is best to have a monthly guide to that variability. Note that all temperatures are degrees Fahrenheit.


Maine Winter Weather

Temperature: average high of 28°, average low of 11°, record high of 64° (1950), record low of -28° (1994)

Precipitation: 2.9-3.1 inches

Snowfall: 18-21 inches.

Daylight: 9:19 hours

There is a wealth of great winter activities in Maine to enjoy during your visit to the Wolf Cove Inn in January. So bring those snow shoes, x-country skis, riding gear and warm clothing for some winter fun!


Maine Weather

Temperature: average high of 32°, average low of 13°, record high of 65° (1981), record low of -26° (1962)

Precipitation: 3.0-3.2 inches

Snowfall: 15-17 inches

Daylight: 10:24 hours

Since February is for lovers, it’s a great time for a romantic sleigh ride at nearby Carousel Horse Farm.


Maine Weather

Temperature: average high of 40°, average low of 21°, record high of 85° (1998), record low of -12° (1934)

Precipitation: 3.9-4.1 inches

Snowfall: 11-17 inches

Sunlight: 11:51 hours

March is a great time of year to head over to Pineland Farms and enjoy sledding, snowshoeing, x-country skiing and ice skating.


Maine Spring Weather

Temperature: average high of 53°, average low of 34°, record high of 91° (1990), record low of 12° (1954)

Precipitation: 4.1-4.3 inches

Snowfall: 3-4 inches

Daylight: 13:23 hours

Ever hear of mud season in Maine? Yep, that’s April. With the winter snowmelt runoff, April is also a great time to get out and explore area waterfalls in Maine.


Maine Weather

Temperature: average high of 64°, average low of 44°, record high of 96° (1979), record low of 26° (1966)

Precipitation 3.7-3.9 inches

Daylight: 14:41 hours

Summer is starting to creep up on us in May. As such, with comfortable temperatures settling in, it’s a great time of year to enjoy a gourmet style 1927 S’mores Kit around the fire pit with Mother Nature providing a great sunset.


Maine Weather

Temperature: average high of 73°, average low of 53°, record high of 99° (1944), record low of 37° (1927)

Precipitation: 4.0-4.2 inches

Daylight: 15:22 hours

Although we perform elopements and intimate weddings year round at the Inn, wedding season in Maine really takes off beginning June. If you are looking to take the plunge, the Wolf Cove Inn is a really special place for Intimate Weddings in Maine (where you have 8-12 guests) and Maine Elopements for two (with up to 6 guests.)


weather in Maine

Temperature: average high of 78°, average low of 59°, record high of 100° (2002), record low of 45° (1965)

Precipitation: 3.5-3.7 inches

Daylight: 15:04 hours

July is a great time of year to get out and about! There are a ton of great outdoor activities in Maine around the Wolf Cove Inn.


Maine Weather

Temperature: average high of 77°, average low of 58°, record high of 100° (1975), record low of 37° (1965)

Precipitation: 3.0-3.7 inches

Daylight: 13:56 hours

August calls for getting out and active. There are some fantastic trails for running, biking and hiking in Maine within a 20-minute drive of the Wolf Cove Inn.


Maine Weather in Fall

Temperature: average high of 69°, average low of 50°, record high of 97° (1937), record low of 30° (1965)

Precipitation: 3.7-3.9 inches

Daylight: 12:27 hours

Foliage season begins in September, making it a perfect time for day trips to a half dozen waterfalls in the Western Mountains of Maine.


Maine Fall Weather

Temperature: average high of 57°, average low of 38°, record high of 90° (1930), record low of 20° (1936)

Precipitation: 4.4-5.1 inches

Snowfall 0-1 inches

Daylight: 10:55 hours

Autumn colors anyone? Well we have our recommendations to experience the most spectacular foliage in Maine. You fall in love.


Maine Weather

Temperature: average high of 45°, average low of 29°, record high of 74° (1990), record low 4° (1989)

Precipitation: 4.5-5

Snowfall: 2 inches

Daylight: 9:37 hours

The leaves are off the trees by now and it’s time to dust off your favorite winter coat. A nice indoor activity for November is exploring the Western Maine Beer Trail.


Weather in Maine

Temperature: average high of 34°, average low of 18°, record high of 67° (2001), record low of -22° (1933)

Precipitation: 3.5-3.8

Snowfall: 13-17 inches

Daylight: 8:58 hours

December is a big engagement season. So if you are going to pop the question, we have some ideas.

Visit The Wolf Cove Inn

No matter what time of year you choose, we think you will have a wonderful, intimate, romantic experience at the Wolf Cove Inn. Of course, being a Bed and Breakfast in Maine, your breakfast is comforting, yummy and complimentary. We also offer casual dining year round at the Inn. You can also head out and explore some terrific area restaurants.


Find out more about the area in this video about visiting Poland, Maine.


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All photos taken on the Wolf Cove Inn grounds. Data sources: Intellicast.com, usclimatedata.com, currentresults.com, climatetemps.com