Maine Room – Newly Renovated

Happy sunny spring morning to everyone! The new floor and ceiling are now installed in the grand room of the Wolf Cove Inn. We also have the new flooring finished in the sun room. I just had to share the “before and after” with you! What you can’t see is all the insulation we’ve added …
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Spring Cleaning at the Wolf Cove Inn

Happy spring everyone (although I don’t think Mother Nature is aware of that – it was below zero here at Sugarloaf last night!) Renovations have reached a major milestone – all carpentry, electrical and plumbing rough-in work is complete and ready for inspection. Spring Cleaning – Renovations Are Coming Along Nicely After inspection of the …
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Oh The Mess!

Wow, is the Wolf Cove Inn ever a mess right now! All demolition work in the new construction areas is complete. Framing is well underway, as is electrical rough-in. Plumbing rough-in begins next week. As well we’ll begin taking down wallpaper and taking up carpets in rooms that are (only!) getting a facelift. We are …
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Renovations Underway Amid a Beautiful Sunset

Exploratory demolition has begun. We’ve been pulling things up and down, and poking holes all around, so we can find out what lurks within this grand old Wolf Cove Inn. Our architect, carpenter, plumber, electrician, flooring and ceiling folks need better views of what’s there to plan the details of construction. Renovations Underway  

New Ownership of the Wolf Cove Inn

A big “Hello World” to all past and future guests of this wonderful Inn.  My name is Roy Forsberg.  My wife Suzanne (she mostly goes by Sue or Suzie) and I became the new owners of the Wolf Cove Inn on December 18th, 2013.  We are thrilled to be your new hosts for your future …
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